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Hawley Cemetery Regulations

The rules/regulations for Hawley Cemetery have always been posted on the fencing at the front of the cemetery.  The rules state that cemetery hours are from dawn to dusk and that the township reserves the right to remove any vegetation or ornaments that interferes with the maintenance of the cemetery.  The size of the cemetery has grown over the years and there has been an increase in plantings and ornaments that have made the cemetery maintenance increasingly difficult.  To be fair to all families, the township will begin greater enforcement of its cemetery regulations beginning this year (2012) as specifically listed below:

Cemetery Hours

Hours of public access to Hawley Cemetery is from dawn to dusk.

Year Round Regulations

1.  Ground alterations will be limited to peat moss or mulch and may only be placed in front of monuments - not to exceed 12 inches.  No shrubs, bushes, trees, wood chips, decorative stones/gravel or border ornaments/fixtures are permitted around the monuments.  These types of items infringe on the rights of other grave owners and/or they pose a risk to the maintenance equipment and/or visitors to the cemetery. 

2, No alterations, plantings, urns, vases, etc are permitted to the sides or back of any monument.

3. Artificial flowers, wreaths and crosses are permitted. They must not extend over 12 inches in front of the monument and must not exceed 36 inches in height.  They are not permitted on the sides or rear of the monument.

4. Any decorations deemed unsightly or interfering with normal maintenance as determined by the Paris Township Trustees will be removed.

5. Glass containers and wire pins cannot be used.